About Dex-Pump

Dex-Pump is an Oklahoma City-based startup seeking an operator in the OK Mississippian Play to test their innovative pump.

The Dex-Pump extends the life of mature rod-pumped horizontal wells by extending the pumping system intake deep into the curve, removing backpressure on the reservoir.

The Dex-Pump system attaches to the bottom of a conventional rod pumping system and uses a bladder pump located at the end of 2⅜’ riser tubing (~500’) to move fluid from the bottom of the curve.

The power fluid for the Dex-Pump is compressed air which operates the bladder pump via capillary tubing attached to the outside of the production tubing and riser tubing.


  • 7” production casing to the top of the curve
  • Oil cut above 50% and/or high GOR
  • Current total fluid rate below 50 bpd
  • Electric motor driven pumping unit with POC
  • Single digit decline rate
  • Low failure rate well

How it Works